Operation Got Your 6 – Phase: Green Flag

by Lisa Kipps-Brown

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Thanks to you we raised enough to go to Daytona AND we paid for a Veteran's stem cell treatment! This new phase will cover 3 more races and provide funding to Racing For Heroes & The Rosie Network. All backers of $100 or more will get a personalized shoutout video from Colin. You can even use it to send a special message to someone! See below for more info. We appreciate your support!

South Boston, VA, United States (US)

Lisa Kipps-Brown

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NOTICE: our crowdfunder is paused due to COVID-19


Thanks to our generous backers, we were able to raise enough to go to Daytona for the NASCAR Racing Experience 300, the Xfinity Series’ premier race that’s the day before the Daytona 500, AND set aside enough to pay for stem cell treatment for a Veteran.

Now this Green Flag crowdfunding phase is to cover 3 more NASCAR Xfinity Series races AND provide more funding to Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network!

NASCAR driver Colin Garrett’s is racing to combat the epidemic of Veteran suicide. The national stage it provides helps spread the word about the free services offered by Racing For Heroes: physical and mental health, job placement, and motorsports therapy.

Colin is crowdfunding to replace traditional corporate sponsors’ money so he can promote Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network instead, on his car and in all marketing materials. We can help make sure that everyone suffering knows about the free services available to them. (and backers of $100 or more to this phase get a personalized video shoutout from Colin – check it out!)

That’s not all, though. Colin’s crowdfunding campaign will also provide a source of funding for Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network!

Colin and his family give a portion of all contributions to Racing For Heroes to help pay for life-saving treatments and to The Rosie Network for military family-owned business scholarships.

Meeting our goal will let Colin run a car fully dedicated to promoting the free services that The Rosie Network and Racing For Heroes provide, the causes important to the military community, and the businesses owned by them.

He doesn’t need huge corporate backers like all the other teams…

If everyone would just contribute $10 and then share and ask their friends to do the same, we would have more than he needs to race. And the military community will have our very own team!

Every backer of $100 or more will get a shoutout video from Colin. You can even use it to send Happy Birthday, congratulations, or another message to someone. It just can’t be to promote a business and we reserve the right to decline a request if we feel it’s inappropriate.

Colin is also promoting military family businesses:

Racing is expensive. Just the tires for one race cost almost $20,000. But if a guy can raise $55,492 to make potato salad, surely WE can do THIS to help save lives!

The sooner we reach goal the sooner we can:

  • help pay for more life-saving Veteran health treatments and entrepreneurial training & mentoring for Veterans and military spouses, and
  • race throughout the country to promote the National Awareness Campaign to help combat the epidemic of Veteran suicide.

The Racing For Heroes No. 26 car pitting at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Nov. 2019.



Racing For Heroes exists solely to combat suicide, and every person we reach is a potential life saved.

For Colin, this issue is personal: both of his brothers are Active Duty Army and one is currently deployed in Korea. And the strategist behind this national awareness campaign is a military spouse whose husband retired with 26 years of service, 3 in the Vietnam War.

During 2019 Colin promoted Racing For Heroes‘ free services to combat Veteran suicide pro bono on all of his NASCAR rides, a value of about $750,000.

Now Colin has added The Rosie Network to the cause, to promote their free entrepreneurial services to the military community.

Greg Boudah, Marine Veteran and founder of The Jewelry Republic

Let’s build on Colin’s family’s generosity and accept this challenge to have our very own military community NASCAR team!

We’ve been told it’s a crazy idea and will never happen.

But Colin and team owner Sam Hunt have been told they can’t make it ever since they started racing together 2 years ago. They’ve proven everyone wrong until now, and plan to keep proving them wrong.

We don’t need deep pockets. Our network of patriots and US military families can make this happen! Move over, nonbelievers.

Thank you for supporting Our American Dream Team and helping save the lives of those who have already given so much!


Get a shoutout video from Colin! You can even use it to send Happy Birthday, congratulations, or other messages to someone. Note: not for business use; we reserve the right to decline a request if we feel it's inappropriate.

March, 2020

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  • Next up Homestead!

    Colin will be racing our car and a Truck at Homestead-Miami Speedway March 20-21. We have a new veteran-owned business partner joining us on the car for those races and we'll reveal who it is next week!

    Did you know FS1 did a 73-second feature on us during the Daytona practice day? We greatly appreciate FS1 featuring us. And what a cool thing for a small veteran-owned business, The Jewelry Republic, to get 45 seconds screen time. A video that a fan took of their TV screen is at https://www.facebook.com/huntgarrettracing/videos/505907693676116/


  • 14-03-2020

    NASCAR races postponed

    Due to COVID-19, all NASCAR races are postponed until further notice.

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Jim Mills    EnCompass Background Screening Solutions LLC $25.00 February 13, 2020
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Mike Hansen    Mike Hansen Consulting $0.00 February 07, 2020
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Erin Rose    3 Mountains Dynamic Human Development LLC $25.00 February 04, 2020
Robert Hamilton    Cerberus Brands LLC $10.00 February 04, 2020
Anonymous $25.00 February 04, 2020
Ryan Garrett     $100.00 January 26, 2020

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  1. Stephanie B Brown

    Incredibly impressed and honored to be partnering with these young men. They are committed to raising awareness about veteran suicide and supporting our nation’s veteran entrepreneurs! Spread the Love and support!

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