Who is the NASCAR team?

The new Xfinity team is a collaboration between Sam Hunt Racing and Colin Garrett Racing LLC. Sam Hunt Racing owns the team and Colin Garrett is the driver.

Why are they focusing on the military?

Both of Colin’s brothers are Active Duty Army, with one currently deployed to Korea. The focus is the brainchild of a milspouse whose husband retired from the Navy with 26 years of service. This is personal to them, not a gimmick.

Why are you doing this crowdfunding campaign?

Our vision is to run a car that is wholly dedicated to promoting awareness of causes important to veterans and military families, and businesses and nonprofits founded by them.

This crowdfunding campaign will let the military family have its own NASCAR team, just like Fortune 100 companies do!

Why are you asking for contributions?

Racing is very expensive: just the tires for one race cost almost $20,000. Normally racing costs are covered by corporate sponsorships. We want to have the very first team that races a car that’s dedicated to the military community and the causes important to us. If we can make this happen, The Rosie Network and Racing For Heroes will be on the car, apparel, and marketing materials. Right where a paying corporate sponsor would be.

Veteran and milspouse-owned businesses can also participate in our 10 For Heroes movement!

Colin Garrett’s family donated almost $750,000 in promotional services to RFH through his racing in 2019 and they’re committed to doing as much as possible. Your backing will help make this a national movement!

Who can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign?

We welcome anyone who wants to be part of supporting the above vision, whether an individual, organization, or business.

Can companies who aren’t Veteran- or milspouse-owned contribute?

Of course! If your company is supportive of the causes important to our military community, we hope that you’ll join us making our vision a reality. You can back the crowdfunding campaign or, if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact us to begin a conversation.

How much do you need to run the race team?

NASCAR teams are like any business. They need to generate income to cover operating costs, and racing is very expensive: just the tires needed for one race cost almost $20,000. In addition to paying for the cars, engines, tires, fuel and oil, testing, travel expenses, insurance, track fees, and all the other expenses involved, the pit crew and other necessary staff must be paid.

We need about $110k for each race (some cost more). It will cost the team about $3.2million to race for the entire season. High profile teams have a budget that’s higher, but Sam and Colin can be competitive at that level.

Where can I back the crowdfunding campaign?

The crowdfunding page is here.

What methods of payment are available for the crowdfunding?

  • credit and debit cards,
  • PayPal and Venmo.

How will my payment appear on my bank or credit card statement?

Payments will appear as Garrett Racing LLC.

Is my backing tax deductible?

If you back Our American Dream Team through the crowdfunding campaign it isn’t tax deductible. However, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can contribute directly to the nonprofits and designate that it’s for the Our American Dream Team campaign.