First phase, Green Flag, will fund 3 races and provide more funding to help combat Veteran suicide

NASCAR driver Colin Garrett and team owner Sam Hunt announced today the beginning of their next crowdfunding campaign to help combat Veteran suicide through their NASCAR Xfinity Series team.

The only Millennial-GenZ owner-driver duo in NASCAR is racing the only crowdfunded car wholly dedicated to combating the epidemic of Veteran suicide rather than focusing on promoting big corporations. They topped the $200,000 goal in their Journey to Daytona campaign, which funded them to race at Daytona in February and also covered stem cell treatments for a Veteran.

Green Flag is the first phase of the new crowdfunding campaign, Operation Got Your 6. This phase will pay for 3 more races and provide funding to the nonprofits the team promotes. Backers who contribute $100 or more will get a personal shoutout video from Colin Garrett, which can be for the backer or anyone they choose.

The very first backer in Phase: Green Flag gets a shoutout from Colin

Our American Dream Team promotes nonprofits Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network pro bono to raise awareness of their free services that help combat Veteran suicide. Crowdfunding replaces corporate sponsorship dollars, allowing the team to promote the nonprofits as their main mission. Free services promoted include mental & physical health, job placement, motorsports therapy, and entrepreneur training and mentoring.

The crowdfunded team is also the first to give small businesses the opportunity to be part of a national NASCAR marketing campaign. They promote military family-owned businesses on their website for a minimum contribution of just $10, and provide them with the team’s Veteran Business Advocate badge to use in their own marketing. 

“It was so fulfilling to be able to pay for stem cell treatments for a Veteran through Racing For Heroes. When we can race for something bigger than ourselves, and more important than a win, it makes the racing even more meaningful.”

Colin Garrett, Driver

“It’s humbling to be part of something that can actually help save lives. Our partnership with Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network lets us help military families chase their own American Dream, just like Colin and I are doing with racing. Meeting our goal for the Green Flag phase will help us reach even more people through the national platform NASCAR provides.”

Sam Hunt, Team Owner