Greg Boudah, a US Marine Infantry Staff Sergeant and Iraq War Veteran, turned being ripped off by a jewelry store chain as a young Marine into a mission to bring fine jewelry at affordable prices to Active Duty members, Veterans, First Responders, Dependents, Family and Supporters. Hear the story in his own words:

I started The Jewelry Republic because I recalled an incident when I was a young Marine I walked into a mall to buy a girl a diamond ring, this girl I knew from high school, I thought I was totally in love.

I walked into the shopping mall and the salesman saw me coming a mile away. You know, the tight haircut, the bearing. What I didn’t realize was he saw a 4-year contract, he saw guaranteed credit, and so he walked me around the store, I bought something I shouldn’t have. Completely ruined my credit, you know, messed myself up in the beginning of my professional career.

So fast forward, now I own a jewelry manufacturing company and I figured, God, I need to start a business for our community, our military community, which is what I’ve done.

We manufacture fine jewelry for our fine community, and effectively eliminate any notion for our people that they’re shopping from somebody they don’t know. Because I’ve stood your watch, I’ve been on cruises, I’ve been to combat, I’ve done what you’ve done. And I hope with that bit of connection there’s a little bit of faith in there that you’re gonna get the best product, the best services, and the best material money can buy. And you sure as heck won’t get ripped off like I did!

I tell you what, the relationship didn’t work out. I can’t fix that but I can certainly make sure you get a beautiful piece of jewelry that you’ll be proud of forever. So, that’s The Jewelry Republic, I’m Greg Boudah… Thank you!