About The Team

Welcome to Our American Dream Team!

A NASCAR team dedicated to combating suicide in the military community and helping Veterans and military families live the American Dream they’ve given so much to protect.

NASCAR driver Colin Garrett and team owner Sam Hunt, the youngest owner/driver duo in NASCAR today have started a new NASCAR Xfinity team that promotes Veteran and military family causes and showcases vet- and milspouse-owned companies.

Supporting the military is personal to us: both of Colin’s brothers are Active Duty Army and one is currently deployed in Korea. The marketing strategist behind the National Awareness Campaign is a milspouse whose husband is a combat veteran who retired with 26 years of service.

Colin had bee promoting Racing For Heroes’s free services since January 2019: physical and mental health, job training and placement, and motorsports therapy. He added The Rosie Network to the team in November 2019.

Drivers bring the sponsors for a racing team, but Colin wants to continue to promote Veteran suicide awareness and prevention rather than just corporations. That’s where crowdfunding comes in – to replace those sponsor dollars.

He and his family have presented the opportunity to have the first NASCAR team of it’s kind: a car wholly dedicated to the military community and the causes important to us.

Enter Our American Dream Team.

By raising enough through crowdfunding to replace corporate sponsorship dollars, the military family has our very own NASCAR team! Move over big guys, the US military community is coming in.

In 2020 we surpassed our goal for Daytona and were even able to set aside enough money to pay for stem cell treatments for a veteran! Now we’re raising funds for more races.

Traditional racing sponsors have deep pockets. Our pockets aren’t deep but our hearts and family are huge. We’re relying on that family for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Team Background

Unlike most NASCAR drivers, Colin didn’t grow up racing karts or in a racing family. Yet, in just his third season of racing, he was historic South Boston Speedway’s 2017 Limited Sportsman Division Champion and broke the track’s qualifying speed record twice! He’s been humbled to have veteran drivers praise his ability to learn and execute.

Sam Hunt’s sleeping bag in his van, where he slept during the 2018 season to be able to own his own team.

If you’re familiar with Chris Farley’s SNL character who lived “in a van down by the river,” that wasn’t exactly Sam – but he did live in a van behind his team shop in 2018 just to make ends meet in his first year as a team owner. As a matter of fact, a recent NASCAR article about him tells the story and highlights their connection to each other, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. They started racing together in NASCAR’s K&N Pro Series in 2018, Colin’s fourth season of racing and Sam’s first as a team owner, and have been together since. That first year Sam partnered with legendary Virginia short-track racer Peyton Sellers in owning Hunt-Sellers Racing. 2019 saw Sam start his own team: Sam Hunt Racing.

Throughout their time together, Colin has driven his heart out, running with only half the funding, dated equipment, and limited technology.  Meanwhile, Sam has squeezed the blood out of every penny just to get their car on the track. They’ve still managed to be competitive and even led 64 laps of the first race of the season during Florida Speedweeks. And they’ve come to feel like family.

Now they’ve taken the next big step: started a new NASCAR Xfinity team.

Colin wants to build long-term partnerships and a drive for a team that fans can feel connected to for years.

Like their hero drivers and teams of the past, Colin and Sam want to do it the old-fashioned way, where they work together for years rather than each working with different teams/drivers over time. And they want to not only see just how good they can be if they have the same funding as their competitors, but they also want to make a difference in people’s lives. They want it to mean more than racing.

Let’s show the world that the military family helps our own and that NASCAR fans really are #1 in fan loyalty of all major US sports.

Let’s have our own team! Even if you already have a driver or team, please join the team by backing the crowdfunder!

Thanks for your support!