We're chasing the American Dream


And Veteran- and military spouse-owned businesses can chase it with us!

Find out how your business can join the $10 For Heroes movement.


Veteran & MilSpouse-Owned Businesses: Join Our NASCAR Team!

Veteran & MilSpouse-Owned Businesses: Join Our NASCAR Team!

NASCAR’s Youngest Xfinity Racing Team is Driving to end the epidemic of Veteran and Military Family suicide. We need your help! The Our American Dream Team of Colin Garrett and Sam Hunt Racing are committed to ending the loss of 22 veterans every day to suicide. ...

Our American Dream Team

The American Dream …the belief that through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, anyone can reach their own version of success regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into.

We’re Sam Hunt and Colin Garrett, the youngest owner/driver duo in NASCAR today.

During 2019 we promoted Racing For Heroes‘ free services to combat Veteran suicide pro bono. We’ve now added The Rosie Network to the family so we can give even more back to military families in 2020.

Crowdfunding our team will let us do that.

Nobody said it would be easy. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

Your Venmo donation to @Garrett-RacingLLC will go to HGR’s crowdfunding campaign & we’ll contact you about the Rewards level. Thanks!
We’re proud to partner with The Rosie Network, a national award-winning network of over 30,000 Veteran and Military family-owned businesses around the country, to help the military live the American Dream they give so much to protect.
We proudly support nonprofit Racing For Heroes to raise awareness of their free services that help fight the epidemic of Veteran suicide. During 2018 we donated almost $750,000 in promotional services to RFH.