We're racing to combat the epidemic of Veteran suicide


…by raising awareness of free services from Racing For Heroes and The Rosie Network. Your gift helps us give free national promotion!



We’re racing at Daytona’s NASCAR Racing Experience 300 AND
we raised enough to pay for stem cell treatment for a veteran!!
A huge THANKS to all of our backers!

“This is a force multiplier!
Every $10 given to the crowdfunder is like giving $100
to the nonprofit because of the national exposure we get.”

– Mike Evock, Founder of Racing For Heroes
Retired Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer Three (CW3-180A)

Our American Dream Team

The American Dream …the belief that through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, anyone can reach their own version of success regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into.

Racing For Heroes, The Rosie Network, and Veteran Business Project and YOU have a groundbreaking opportunity:

NASCAR driver Colin Garrett is out to build the first NASCAR team that’s fully dedicated to promoting the causes that are important to the military community.

To help our community live the American Dream that we give so much to protect…

Driver Colin Garrett and team owner Sam Hunt are the youngest owner/driver duo in NASCAR today. Colin has offered to not take large corporate sponsors if we can help raise funds to replace those sponsors’ money. Racing is expensive – it costs almost $20,000 just for tires for one race. But if a guy can raise $55,492 to make potato salad, surely WE can do THIS!

There are 3 ways you can help can make it happen:

During 2019 Colin promoted Racing For Heroes‘ free services to combat Veteran suicide pro bono on all of his NASCAR rides, a value of almost $750,000.

Let’s build on his family’s generosity and accept this challenge! We can help make sure that any member of the military community who needs help knows about the free services available to them.

Nobody said it would be easy. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

Your Venmo donation to @Garrett-RacingLLC will go to the crowdfunding campaign.  Thanks for your support!

The Rosie Network is a national award-winning network of over 30,000 Veteran and Military family-owned businesses around the country. Rosie provides free entrepreneur training services and support to Veterans and milspouses.

Racing For Heroes provides free mental & physical health, job placement, and motorsports as therapy services to help fight the epidemic of Veteran suicide. During 2019 Colin Garrett Racing donated almost $750,000 in free promotional services to RFH.

Veteran Business Project, is a nonprofit that offers the unique “vharmony™️” business match-making service, connecting veterans/spouses seeking to acquire established businesses with business owners wanting to divest.

Kicking off Operation Got Your 6!

Kicking off Operation Got Your 6!

The Green Flag crowdfunding phase will fund 3 NASCAR races and provide more funding to help combat Veteran suicide. Backers can get a personal video shoutout from Colin!